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Safe and Secure Emails
This thread will be updated and edited over time.  

Let's face it folks, all of our data is in the hands of google, facebook and more and they have shown not to take care of our data and have also shown a willingness to work with outsiders be they governments or agencies or more.  

First let us discuss Yahoo, MSN, Icloud, Aol, Hotmail and more... these services are notorious for not delivering emails, be it that they claim emails are spam or worse they block you from sending and receiving emails, so while you might think you have sent an email or a vendor might be emailing to you, but your own email service has decided that they do not think you want to get those emails so for your best interest they will block them.  

Gmail is far more lenient with allowing emails to receive and send but they often put emails into SPAM, so no matter your email service, check your spam box !  Before you get all flustered that a vendor is not replying to you and has scammed you, check your spam box, and if you do not see any emails, it might still be the case that your email service is just blocking things and not putting items into spam.  

Two well known email secure services are  and   and many vendors have accounts with one of the services.   If you get one of these emails, please do not think that you won't have emails go into spam that might still be the case, but if you have a protonmail account and your vendor does also, communication between the two are secure and private from prying eyes of corporations and governments.   

Further beyond this which many vendors are not using much as of lately that I have seen is PGP which will be discussed at another time.  You can use PGP on most any mail services and encrypt the messages between you and the one you wish to talk with. 

Some vendors and people use Telegram, Wickr, Signal or other private chat messages programs however many have shown that they are vulnerable. 

Obviously NOTHING is 100% for sure secure and private in today's world, so the most important thing is to practice common sense.
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Also, nothing stops anyone from using within an encrypted email service such as or for an even more secure option short of pgp
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