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What is Cryptocurrency
FIRST:  This is not a complete 100% how to, it is a guide and info.  
SECOND:  Crypto Coin is very complex this is a watered down explanation 
THIRD:  Crypto coin appears complex but it is honestly simple do not be afraid

Crypto Currency is digital currency with encryption techniques to regulate it's use and generate it's release.  Fiat currency is physical currency like USD and Euro's, and are regulated, and here lies a major difference between Crypto Currency and Fiat is that crypto currency is NOT regulated by any bank or government.  

Surprising to many people to find out that they do not have the right to spend their own money on what they want to buy, that is being controlled by a government and the governments are controlled by major lobbyists and the elites of this planet.  It is not conspiracy tin foil hat craziness it is fact that citizens of Europe, the USA and just about everywhere in the world are controlled by outside measures.  

Using Crypto Currency, it relies on the internet to confirm transactions and the records are kept in a digital public ledger for anyone to see called the blockchain, it is stored across networks so it is not susceptible to failure or hackers.  Each record or records on the block chain are known as blocks, and a block is sent to the network and added to the blockchain after it is accepted by the network as a valid transfer, once verified the blocks can not ever be changed.   

There are many types of crypto currency but the popular ones are Bitcoin, LiteCoin and ETH.  However there are hundreds and hundreds of various types of coin out there.   

The crypto currency market is very volatile with huge losses or gains happening often, fluctuating by the minute, hour, day, month etc...  Be very careful, people can lose as much as they can make.  We highly suggest you look at crypto coin investment advise to learn when to sell, buy, hold, or run.  

When you buy crypto coin you need a place to hold the coin, the coin is digital you can not put it in your pocket.  Many wallets can only store certain currency so what type of wallet you have will depend on the type of currency you want to hold.  There are desktop wallets that you use on your PC or Mac, there are online wallets that you have to log into the internet and use like Coinbase or Circle, there are mobile wallets that only operate on your mobile phone, then there are paper and hardware wallets that I will not touch on.  

Please look to the other sections on Crypto  Coin Wallet Guide and Markets Guide for more info.  

Why should you use crypto coin, well that was stated pretty early in this write up, because you really do not have the rights to buy what you want if you live in the USA or EU.  If you want to bet on a football game, before it was only Nevada you could put cash on the table and bet, but if you were living in say Kentucky you'd have to use online gambling places mostly overseas and they do not take Credit cards.  If you want to buy generic medications today the lobbyists have made visa and mastercard block and disallow all pharmacy transactions from overseas so you are forced to pay the higher fees in the USA.  But beyond your basic human rights to spend your money on what you want to buy, crypto coin has lower fees, it is anonymous, it is very easy to access your wallets, and you actually own  your own money unlike FIAT.  

What are the risks of crypto currency, sadly there are a few, the biggest is that the crypto markets are very very volatile.  People can become millionaires or lose everything they have in the course of an hour.  Further it scares people, the general public awareness is low as the powers that be are trying to keep people from accessing it easily.  

The overall conclusion is that crypto currencies provide you a way to store and spend  your money anonymously and without the the use of a centralized financial institution.  Crypto Currency no matter how much the governments try to regulate it and control it is here and is here and here to stay.   Currently most every major financial and business model is using the blockchain for some reason, the use of decentralized currency will be with us for a long long time.
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