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Tramadol Wiki
Tramadol is a synthetic Opioid used to treat moderate to severe pain and is metabolized in the body to O-DSMT a more potent opioid.  Tramadol has been proven to reduce seizure thresholds in patients and this makes it effects unpredictable so high doses or mixing with other substances is strongly discouraged.  

Physical effects are sedation and stimulation, pain relief, itchiness, dehydration, seizure, decreased libido, and more.  Cognitive Effects are euphoria, empathy, affection, anxeity suppression, dream potentiation, increased music appreciation. 

Tramadol is low toxicity  but long term effects can include diminished libido, memory loss and should not be mixed with other medications.  Tramadol is mildly addictive and tolerance will develop over prolonged and repeated use.  Two weeks of non use is needed to return to baseline after prolonged use.  

Legal Status:

UK:  Class C 
USA:  Schedule IV
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