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Carisoprodol Wiki
Carisoprodol is known commonly as Soma, and is a sedative hypnotic and used medically as a muscle relaxant and as a short term treatment for insomnia, it further has a weak analgesic effect.   Carisoprodol produces similar effects to barbiturates and as such has been replaced by many benzodiazepines due to the larger therapeutic time and less severe adverse effects. 

Physical effects are sedation, loss of motor control, muscle relaxant, physical euphoria, decreased libido, and pain relief.  The cognitive effects are anxiety suppression, cognitive euphoria, amnesia, compulsive redosing, delusions of sobriety, Disinhibition, and more.   

Carisoprodol is extremely physically and psychologically addictive and withdrawal is similar to barbiturate withdrawal with potential seizures, psychosis and death during withdrawal.   During withdrawal tramadol and amphetamines should be avoided.  Tolerance will develop over time.  Do not take Carisoporodol with alcohol or opioids.   

Legal Status:

USA:  Schedule IV controlled Substance
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