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Harm Reduction = Responsible Drug Use
Lets face it, we are reading this forum about drugs and drug use, and we want to maximize the enjoyment we receive which is really harm reduction.  We want to maximize the benefits and reduce the negatives when dealing with recreational substances.   Whenever you participate in any high risk sport you run the risk of injury and death, and while this is definitely not a sport, when you participate in anything high risk  you run the same risks, death, injury and with recreational drug use you run the risk of addiction.  There is such a rush in some high risk sports and there is undeniably a rush in some recreational drugs.  

To participate in harm reduction you need to start light, never take a dose too high, some items can cause extreme anxiety and that is distressing and can lead to hospitalization.  So always start low dose and work up until you find your comfort zone, never push the comfort zone.  Just because Joe takes X does not mean you can take that level, every person metabolisms items differently, don't be a fool, start smart.  

If using powders or non pharmacueticals do not judge qty, always measure and remeasure.  It is extremely easy to misjudge the dose and take too much.   Invest in a scale if you are doing powders.   

Do not mix any pharmacy items prescription or recreational.   Take each item independent of each other.  

Study and learn the effects of each item you are taking.  Be aware of the effects before you ingest any item. 

Addiction, it's real and it is a slippery slope.  If you feel you can't stop or friends stage and intervention, get off and get help.
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