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Lorazepam or Ativan is a depressant used to treat anxiety insomnia and seizures.  It is from the Benzodiazepine class.  Like most Benzoid's tapering off usage is important.  

Physical Effects:  Sedation, muscle relaxant, suppresses seizures.  Cognitive Effects:  Suppression of anxiety, delusions of sobriety, disinhibition, amnesia.  

Lorazepam is extremely Physically and Psychologically addictive.  Tolerance builds after a few days of continuous use.  Return to baseline is one to two weeks after stop taking. 

Do not mix with depressants or stimulants like all benzoids. 

Legal Status:

UK  Class C Schedule 4
USA  Schedule IV
International a schedule IV under the UNConvention of Psychotropic Substances.